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About Vividha

VIVIDHA in our mother tongue means “the one with a difference”. 

We’re on a mission to empower women and girls to provide the formal and informal education they need to exit a life of poverty and abuse. We believe in working consistently and relentlessly at the grass-root level, especially in marginalized communities. Our endeavour is to spread awareness of rights and duties, encapsulating a plethora of initiatives related to the emancipation of women both – at the physical and psychological levels.

With a legacy of 25 years, we work closely with local women-led partners who help their communities in achieving legal justice and reaching new heights. Our approach is based on the following four pillars:

Causes We Work For

Diversity Trainings

Our focus area is to educate the individuals, families, and community on diverse topics that keeps them connected with the mainstream

Inclusion Advocacy

We are part of a larger platform that brings people from every walk of society that helps us to work as a cohesive unit for the girls.

Capacity Building

Aligning with organizations to create a close-knit network helps to conquer the ground-level challenges in a much better way

Literacy Adoption

The only way to empower the children is to educate them! We aim to tap every possible avenue to maximise education in India

Alternative Media

Creating a transparent communication through print media that helps people and organizations to allign with the mainstream.

What We Do

Change The World

Letting the girl child study, pursue their interest, and create opportunities for employment is how we define empowerment of the women. This results in the development of the community.

Help the community

Building up the confidence in the community by creating awareness and concrete steps for the development of the girls.

Raise fund from people

Engagement from society is a must as we need funds for accelerating various activities at local, district and state levels.

Care for helpless

We are determined to handhold the girls and their families who need assistance. Reaching out to people is our first priority.

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Change happens when women come together in movements, to organise and mobilise.

Who Donates

Donor Agencies

Donations received from people play a crucial role in connecting women with the mainstream and educate them about their rights in society. Any help from society creates a big positive impact in the process.

Together with women’s rights organisations and movements we’re working to: